Day In The Life Of A Nordstrom BP Sales Girl

Hey everyone! It’s Megan here and I am currently on my lunch here at Southcenter Nordstrom. For those who have been following me since last summer, you know I work at the Southcenter location in Tukwila, WA. Last year I was a support team member which consisted of ringing up customers and clearing fitting rooms (not the glamorous side).

This summer I am working as a sales girl so I am helping people find products and create outfits. My favorite part of my job is getting to meet so many different kinds of people and build relationships with them all.

If you’re interested in what it’s like day to day as a BP sales girl (similar to every department) keep reading and find out why I always complain about how bad my feet hurt by the end of the day-it’s a good pain though.


The day starts with showing up to your department and checking in with a manager. They will give you a run through of the floor and show you all the newest merchandise.

Everyday you are given a “goal” to meet personally which is on average $1,500. You check the “red book” where you find the department goal, your goal, your lunch time and duties.

Duties include keeping the floor organized, taking alterations to the alterations room and many other “chores” to get done throughout the day.

Something I am constantly doing is running “dump”. Dump is clothes that people left in the dressing room or at the cash wrap and need to get put back on the floor. The dump bar is like a never ending pit of clothing.


Once you beat your goal for the day it is like a weight is lifted off your shoulders and then you can breathe again. We are paid commision so even though yes, you made your goal, it is best to keep going and sell as much as you can to make more money in commission.

By the end of the day, my feet hurt like b**** but I know if my feet don’t hurt by the end of 8 hours of constantly running around, I wasn’t working hard enough.

Here are a few of my OOTD’s from the week:


I was hoping the sun would come out this day so I originally wore a dress and then right before I left I decided to put jeans on to stay warm since it’s freezing in this store at all times haha.

Dress: Abercrombie Jeans: Topshop @ Nordstrom Shoes: Toms from Nordstrom Rack Choker: Zaful

IMG_7543 2

This outfit has been my favorite and also my most popular because SOO many people thought I was naked under the mesh shirt I was wearing. The flowers look like they could be pasties so people kept asking if they were. It was a comfy look because I didnt have to wear a bra since I was wearing a see through bodysuit.

Top: Forever 21 Bodysuit: Forever 21 Jeans: Abercrombie Shoes: Converse

IMG_7544 2

I got these overalls for less than $25 dollars at Macy’s when I accidentally stumbled across them walking through the store to get to the Cheesecake Factory. I love love love them because they are unique and I stand out on the sales floor so it is easier for customers to remember who I am. 

Choker: Zaful Top: Papaya from Thrift Store Overalls: Macy’s Shoes: Converse

If any of my readers are interested in working as a sales associate in any department at Nordstrom feel free to reach out to me and I can answer any questions you may have!

Thanks for reading, now its time for me to get back out on the sales floor and sell!!!!

Xoxo, Megan




The Best Thrift Store Finds

The other day I took a spontaneous trip to my local Goodwill and found some treasures. I am a huge supporter of thrift shopping because it minimizes the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills (plus you find some pretty cute stuff).

I have been looking for a pair of black booties forever so I went to go look for some and I stumbled upon these cute lace up heels. These heels are basically brand new and look like they have never been worn. Best part: I got them for $14.99. They are from Target and the original price would be anywhere for $30-$40.


Be looking forward to seeing these shoes a lot more in OOTD’s and such because they are the perfect shoe for so many occasions and if you read my MUST HAVE: Lace Up Flats post you know I love the lace up trend and its perfect for the spring/summer time!

Next we have a black peplum shirt from LOFT which I got for $7.99! What a deal! Sort of hard to tell in this picture but the neckline and sleeves are a faux leather which gives this shirt more of the dressed up, classy look. Just like the shoes, the shirt looks almost brand new.


The shirt pictured below was only $7.99.  I love this shirt because it is loose and flowy so it looks great with skinny jeans. The pattern is hard to see but it is a very small black and white checkered pattern throughout the whole top.


Last but not least….the star of the show….my new Nike metallic sneakers!!! I saw these down the aisle of the shoe rack in the size 12+ area and just had to go look. Just my luck they were a size 9 so someone misplaced them. I tried them on and it was like putting on Cinderella’s slipper. They fit perfectly and are officially my new favorite pair of shoes. They are also in really good condition besides the bottom and sole of the shoes are a little dirty but thats bound to happen anyway. For $9.99 these for definitely the best thrift store find I’ve ever found!!


I strongly encourage everyone to go to their local thrift store and look around. You might find some really cute vintage clothes or even clothes that are trending right now for SO MUCH cheaper than retail prices. Just look at these 4 things I found, imagine if you shopped around there all the time, you would have the hippest style around.

Well my lunch break is almost over so back to work I go :/ Thanks so much for reading and check back next week for another post!

Xoxo, Megan


MUST HAVE: Lace Up Flats


As the temperature rises and the flowers start to bloom, its a sign to tell us it’s time to put away the boots and bring out the flats! A trend that I’ve seen around and personally adore is lace up flats. I think its super cute and adds detail to the ankles. Theres so many different ways to style them too which is super fun to change it up to go with the look. This style of shoes is a MUST HAVE this Spring because it can bring life to any outfit and add a touch of detail to your boring ankles.  

Pictured above is how I styled the lace up strings to go with my OOTD. I wrapped the strings around my ankles 2 times and then tied cute little bows in the back. These exact shoes are from Payless and are even on sale right now for $15.00! Click here to find them online.

I have already had to wash these shoes once because I wore them so much they started to turn brown from dirt haha. Here is some more photos of my OOTD to show you how I created a look with my favorite lace up flats!



Top: BP Cold Shoulder Top (Nordstrom)

Necklace: Velvet Cone Rivet Wrap Necklace (Zaful)

Bottoms: Articles of Society Sarah Skinny Jeans (Nordstrom)

Shoes: Christian Siriano Womens Brunch Chopout Ghille Flat (Payless)

Thank you so much for reading and Happy Spring!!!

Xoxo, Megan


Window Display- Class Project

Hey everybody! I just wrapped up my first year of college and all I can say is WOW time flies. It feels like just the other week I moved into my dorm and left my parents for the first time. This post is all about a class project that I did for my Visual Merchandising and Promotion class as our final project this spring semester.

The first part of the project was that we were all assigned to individually come up with our own window display idea and the person with the most votes would get to see their “dream become a reality”. We had a $200 budget so everything needed be purchased within that budget. The student who got the most votes was a guy named Malivai.

Here is the original sketch we were going off of when creating the real life window display:

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 10.44.04 PM.png

Our teacher Patrick ordered everything and once we got all the materials we were ready to get started! We had a couple weeks to complete the project in our weekly lab.


Our materials included: paint, brushes, lights, wires, cleaning supplies, magic erasers, electrical tools, etc.

Our first step/lesson we got was how to rewire the light strips so that they could be plugged into regular outlets. We had to cut the wires and put caps on them and rewire to an extension chord (all while making sure we didn’t explode). This was a super cool lesson because I never knew visual merchandisers would have to be able to do these kinds of things and its valuable to know even for things around the house not just in creating window displays.

IMG_7247 2.JPG

This is a close up of the wires that we had to cut and we had to figure out which ones had to get rewired to other wires to make sure it actually worked and didn’t explode.

Fast forward a few steps and we have screwed the light strips into the wall after they have been rewired and started to place some blank CD’s on the wall. Pictured is a student who is taping of areas to prepare for painting. IMG_7246.JPG

Our biggest struggle as a class was getting the 4 light strips to be perfectly straight but after many (and I mean MANY) attempts we finally got it. Let me tell ya, my arms were so sore from holding them up for so long to get it in the perfect position!!!!

We got the lights screwed in the wall, CD’s taped up and tape to border the areas were painting– next step is painting and then we are ready to place the mannequin in the window!!!


The last and most important step of building the window display is the final touchups on the mannequin to “pin her to perfection”. The classroom has tons of clothes that are provided to dress mannequins so to save money we dressed her in clothes that have been donated by Nordstrom.

IMG_1938 2.JPG

Notice their shoes are off? We have already cleaned the floor to perfection and don’t want dirty shoes stepping on the clear floors while we do the final touches.

And WE ARE DONE! WE DID IT! In just a couple lab sessions we were able to create a window display from scratch. It didn’t turn out exactly like the picture but as a class we improvised and make on the spot decisions on how to design the display as best we could to match the picture.

IMG_5363 2.JPG

I present to you the “Studio 54” window display!

This project was by far one of my favorite ones I’ve done! Visual merchandising is a career path I am interested in and this class and project made me so much more passionate about visual merchandising.

IMG_2502 2.JPG

Hard to see me because of the background lights but here is me happy as can be in front of our final result (also dripping sweat down my back because those lights are like a sauna).

I really like the idea of sharing my school projects on here so look forward to more upcoming projects once I start school again in the fall! I am super proud of my hard work and I love to share the results with people. Thank you for reading!!

Xoxo, Megan

Double Oh Tee Dee #OOTD

Happy Wednesday!! I hope everyone’s week is going great. Here in Pullman it is sorta starting to warm up (aka 30 degrees instead of 3 degrees) so I decided to dress up for once.

I am a huge fan of the whole black on black trend going on right now and about 90% of my outfits consist of it.

Pictured in this outfit from head to toe is my “stay weird” beanie from Bandy Melville. It hard to see but my chocker is black with a creasent moon hanging from it which is my favorite choker at the moment. My black long sleeve shirt is from Aritza which I got on sale and it was still expensive lol. I actually don’t know where my scarf is from but it is the warmest, coziest scarf I own. I know there  are similar ones at BP at Nordstrom. My jeans are the basic black jeans from Topshop and they are the Jamie style with the hole in the knees.

img_7516 My wonderful boyfriend took this for me and I’m actually surprised at how good this picture turned out!!

I hope you enjoyed reading and look forward to a lot more outfit posts 🙂

Xoxo Megan

New Clothes Resolution

With 2017 creeping up on us, it’s time to start thinking of New Year’s Resolutions. In the past mine have always been start working out, eating healthier, blah blah blah. This year I wanna make a change in something that I will actually do and follow through with.

My New Years resolution is to clean out my closet and simplify my wardrobe to veer away from the teen style look and develop a more mature kind of style. I LOVE accessories so I want to dress up with more accessories as part of my “New Clothes Resolution”

Stay tuned for plenty of outfit of the day posts! Happy New Years everyone 🙂

Xoxo Megan


Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone is having a good holiday and enjoying their time with family and friends!

I know I have enjoyed spending time with friends and family (when I’m actually home and not at work). Update on my life: I am working full-time at Nordstrom BP at Southcenter until I go back to school in early January. I have enjoyed every minute of it, even though holiday season is the busiest I still leave with a smile on my face and thats how I know I have found my passion 🙂

Xoxo Megan

December Favorites

It’s almost winter break and I couldn’t be happier to be able to go home and spend time with friends and family. I will also be working as a sales associate at Nordstrom for the holidays which I am super excited about!

December has been crazy busy with projects and studying for finals (which I should be doing right now) but I wanted to share my favorite products this month.


This month’s favorites include makeup brushes, a creative cotton ball holder, perfume, face moisturizer, highlighter and mascara.

I found the cotton ball holder in the kitchen section of the dollar store and instantly thought that would be an adorable way to store cotton balls since I use them so much.

One of my favorite products this month include the Garnier face moisturizer. After I shower my face usually gets dry and this works every time. Especially this time of year my skin gets dry just from the cold weather.


This product came out pretty recently and I got it as a sample when it first came out. Now I keep going back to get it. I have found it at FredMeyer and Target.

Another product I have been obbssed with this month is “Secret Crush” perfume from Victoria’s secret. I have finally upgraded from the little bottles from PINK and have moved on to Victoria’s Secret scents.


This perfume smells fresh and like peaches hence the description on the bottle. This bottle was only $15 compared to the nicer perfumes they have there and it smells just as good as the expensive kinds. I spray this on every time I leave my room because I am so obsessed with the scent.

Next is a highlighter I’ve been obbsessed with since I got it months ago, but I wanted to include because it looks great with winter styles. This Becca highlighter is my life and worth every penny.


This is the powdered highlighter in “Pearl” by Becca and can be found at Sephora. I also have the cream version of this and highly recommend the powdered version. It is a little on the pricy side (about $50) but what good highlighter is cheap? It is worth it and it will last you a long time because it doesnt take a lot to light up those cheekbones.

A product I have been wanting to share for a long time is this mascara which I found at FredMeyer for under $10.


The Maybelline LASH sensational mascara is perfect and makes your lashes look so long and full. The brush is made to brush through your lashes and get every lash it can. After just a couple layers, your lashes look longer and more full.

Sometimes when I use this, if I take my time I can make my lashes look like they could be fake because of the way the brushes separate the lashes and cover so much of the lashes.

Lastly, my favorite brand of makeup brushes. Pictured below are only a few of the many I have. I am currently in the packing process of moving out of my dorm so I have already packed up a majority of them. Ecotool brushes are super cute and resonably priced. I get mine from FredMeyer and I’m sure you could find them at other big stores like that. They get sold in little packs or individually depending on the type of brushes.


The cute bag in the picture of everything is what a bunch of my brushes came in. What’s nice is that each of the brushed have what the brush is for engraved in the wood, which is helpful for me because I’m horrible at makeup and never what to use for what.

After this week I go home for winter break and I will have a lot more time to blog so I hoping to start getting back into the routine of posting at least week.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite products for the month of December 🙂

Xoxo Megan

Bracelet Holder 

I’m back from college and I realized as soon as I stepped foot in my old room I needed a remodel. I needed to clear up some space and make things organized in a cuter way.

I wanted to find something at the store to hold my bracelets but my wallet is empty. I found a glass Smirnoff Ice bottle in my house(not mine, probably my moms) and thought that would be perfect to put bracelets on!! 

This was perfect because it was something small and easy to get the bracelets off and on easily. 

I made sure to have all the backs on the bracelets on the back of the bottle so the front looked more presentable and you can see the bracelet better. 

This is something you should try if you have extra bottles around and need to get rid of boxes or bowls you keep your jewlrey in. It allows you to see all your options in front of you at once rather than having to search around in a bin for them! 

Thanks for reading and I hope you can try this in your room 

Xoxo Megan